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01_Experimental specification BESmodVAL_annex71_final_v1_0.pdfCore document describing this contribution and the other files6,94 MBAdobe PDFPreviewDownload/Open
02_Additional Documents.zipTechnical details and detail specification, referred to by the core document305,94 MBZIP; compressed archive containing *.jpg, *.pdf and othersDownload/Open
03_Data_Main_Experiment.zipData of the Main Experiment45,18 MBZIP; compressed archive containing multiple *.XLSX (MS Excel)Download/Open
04_Data_Extended_Experiment.zipData of the Extended Experiment52,42 MBZIP; compressed archive containing multiple *.XLSX (MS Excel)Download/Open


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2 fordatis/161.2 2020-06-23 15:12:56.493 The data of the Extended Experiment can now also be released
1 fordatis/161 2020-05-20 11:00:07.0

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