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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Analyzing the regulatory framework gaps for gas distribution networks with decreasing natural gas demand in GermanyOberle, Stella; Gnann, Till; Wayas, Louis; Wietschel, Martin
1-Jul-2021CovidRestrict: mobility restrictions in German Federal States in 2020Karaulova, Maria; Kroll, Henning
Apr-2023The effect of low-carbon processes on industrial excess heat potentials for district heating in the EU: a GIS-based analysisManz, Pia; Fleiter, Tobias; Eichhammer, Wolfgang
2023Effects of the GDPR in South East Asia vs. Europe - A Large-scale Analysis of IoT DevicesEbbers, Frank
2019EIPPBM_IFIPSummerSchool: Image "End-User Information Privacy Protection Behavior"Ebbers, Frank
Nov-2023European Truck Parking LocationsLink, Steffen; Plötz, Patrick
2023Export Potentials of Green Hydrogen - Methodology for a Techno-Economic Assessment. Annex A.1 - Modeling parametersPieton, Natalia; Abdel-Khalek, Hazem; Graf, Marieke Emilie Anna; Drechsler, Björn; Lenivova, Veronika; Nolden, Christoph; Bergup, Emily Felicitas; Sinha, Mohammad; Fragoso García, Joshua; Franke, Katja; Kleinschmitt, Christoph; Müller, Viktor Paul; Wietschel, Martin; Holst, Marius; Weise, Friedrich; Voglstätte, Christopher
Oct-2019First International Mutual Learning Workshop DocumentationFan, Cheng; Daimer, Stephanie; Rasenescu, Anna; Teufel, Benjamin; Lindner, Ralf
Oct-2019JERRI Action plan workshop documentation FhGWarnke, Philine; Röß, Andreas; Reimoser, Cornelia
Oct-2019JERRI Goal Setting Documentation TNONauta, Joram; Röß, Andreas
Oct-2019JERRI Goal setting workshop documentation FhGTeufel, Benjamin; Röß, Andreas
Oct-2019JERRI International interviewsDaimer , Stephanie; Berghäuser, Hendrik; Fan, Cheng
Oct-2019JERRI Interviews barriers FhGWarnke, Philine; Röß, Andreas; Mundt, Ingmar
Oct-2019JERRI Interviews barriers TNONauta, Joram; Steen, Marc; Röß, Andreas
Oct-2019JERRI Preliminary comparision of RTOsJoignant, Anne; Teufel, Benjamin
Oct-2019JERRI state of the art interviewsTeufel, Benjamin; Nauta, Joram
2022Questionnaire layout, order and screenshotsEbbers, Frank; Karaboga, Murat
2023Responses of the European IoT ecosystem to the GDPREbbers, Frank; Friedwald, Michael
26-Jul-2023Spatial analysis of renewable and excess heat potentials for climate-neutral district heating in EuropeManz, Pia; Billerbeck, Anna; Fallahnejad, Mostafa
Jun-2024Supplementary material to the study on exploring residential space use patternsBagheri, Mahsa; Pröpper, Alexandra; Klein, Geneviève