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2022-10-31 Textual Data Fraunhofer IIS
GiCCS: A German in-Context Conversational Similarity Benchmark

Asaadi, Shima; Kolagar, Zahra et al.

The Semantic textual similarity (STS) task is commonly used to evaluate the semantic representations that language models (LMs) learn from texts, under the assumption that good-quality representations will yield accurate similarity estimates. When...

2022 Other Fraunhofer SCAI
Truck Component Simulation Meshes and Synthetic LiDAR Measurements

Garcke, Jochen; Hahner, Sara et al.

This is the synthetic dataset from the paper: Jochen Garcke, Sara Hahner, and Rodrigo Iza-Teran. "Alignment of Highly Resolved Time-Dependent Experimental and Simulated Crash Test Data". In: International Journal of Crashworthiness. The work co...

2022-11-14 Tabular Data Fraunhofer IESE
Psychometric and sociodemographic raw data of training evaluation of paramedic trainees wit...

Elsenbast, Christian

The raw data includes socio-demographic information about the participants as well as results of the measurement of situational motivation, usability, virtual reality sickness, and presence.

2020-03-25 Tabular Data Fraunhofer EAS
Vibration Measurements on a Rotating Shaft at Different Unbalance Strengths

Mey, Oliver; Neudeck, Willi et al.

This dataset contains vibration data recorded on a rotating drive train. This drive train consists of an electronically commutated DC motor and a shaft driven by it, which passes through a roller bearing. With the help of a 3D-printed holder, unba...

2022-12-16 Tabular Data Fraunhofer IIS
MillingVibes: 3-Axial Vibration Data of a Milling Process Performed by a Tooling Machine

Langer, Tim Hauke; Widra, Matthias

This dataset contains 3-axial vibration data of an aluminium milling process recorded at a large industrial tooling machine (MAHO MH 800C). The data has been recorded by an enDAQ S5-E25D40 vibration sensor module. Each datapoint consists of 8000 s...

2022-11 Image Fraunhofer EAS
Spectrogram Data Set for Deep Learning Based RF-Frame Detection

Wicht, Jakob

Automated spectrum analysis serves as a troubleshooting tool that helps to diagnose faults in wireless networks like difficult signal propagation conditions as well as coexisting wireless networks. It provides a higher monitoring coverage while re...

2022-11-25 Other Fraunhofer IESE
Archive of Primary Data for Doctoral Dissertation "Scenario-based Derivation of Digital Ecosyste...

Koch, Matthias

The archive contains primary data for the doctoral dissertation "Scenario-based Derivation of Digital Ecosystem Requirements" by Matthias Koch. The data consists of study material and raw data of study results. Additionally, the source code for th...