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2023-06 Source Code Fraunhofer ISE
Basic Adsorption Heat Exchanger Theory Calculation Scripts

Velte-Schäfer, Andreas

Scripts for calculating basic adsorption heat exchanger theory equations including examples. Scripts may be used with R 4.3.0 https://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/base/ in combination with RStudio https://posit.co/products/open-source/rstudio/

2023-05-17 Tabular Data Fraunhofer UMSICHT
Reparatur vs. Austausch bei Unfallschäden an Pkw

Bertling, Jürgen; Schulte, Anna et al.

Es handelt sich um Hintergrunddaten zu einer Studie. Der Datensatz enthält eine Beschreibung sowie ein umfassendes Tabellenblatt zu verwendeten Ökobilanzdaten und -ergebnissen.

2023 Image Fraunhofer IWM
Grain size classification round-robin dataset

Durmaz, Ali Riza; Potu, Sai Teja et al.

The dataset accompanies the publication "Microstructure quality control of steels using deep learning" and contains images used for a round-robin test where multiple metallographers rated images with respect to the present microstructure and grain...

2023 Source Code Fraunhofer EMFT
An OpenFOAM solver for the extended Navier-Stokes equations (rhoSimpleEnseFoam)

Schwarz, Johannes; Axelsson, Kristjan et al.

Pressure-based OpenFOAM solver for the stationary "extended Navier-Stokes equations".

2023 Textual Data Fraunhofer ISST
Data Catalogs in the Enterprise: Applications and Integration

Jahnke, Nils; Otto, Boris

The data serve as a supplement to the publication Data Catalogs in the Enterprise: Applications and Integration. It includes a table listing the data catalog offerings surveyed, their application class and commercial characteristics, and a table d...

2023-04 Tabular Data Fraunhofer ISI
The effect of low-carbon processes on industrial excess heat potentials for district heating in th...

Manz, Pia; Fleiter, Tobias et al.

The two datasets are supplement to the publication Manz, Pia; Fleiter, Tobias; Eichhammer, Wolfang: "The effect of low-carbon processes on industrial excess heat potentials for district heating in the EU: a GIS-based analysis" (https://doi.org/10....

2023 Other Fraunhofer IOSB

Karch, Markus; Rösch, Dennis et al.

PCAPs of the paper "CrossTest: A cross-domain physical testbed environment for cybersecurity performance evaluations".