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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Aero-Elastic Simulation Time Series of IWT7.5 Reference TurbinePopko, Wojciech
2022The analysis of fluorescence fluctuations by means of the mean single-molecule rate (mSMR) [source data]Sparrenberg, Lorenz
2023Analyzing the regulatory framework gaps for gas distribution networks with decreasing natural gas demand in GermanyOberle, Stella; Gnann, Till; Wayas, Louis; Wietschel, Martin
13-Nov-2023Archiv der Primärdaten zur Doktorarbeit "Dotierungen von tetraedrisch amorphem Kohlenstoff zur Steigerung der Schadenstoleranz und der Temperaturstabilität"Zawischa, Martin
25-Nov-2022Archive of Primary Data for Doctoral Dissertation "Scenario-based Derivation of Digital Ecosystem Requirements"Koch, Matthias
2021Artificially generated crystallographic textures of steel sheets and their corresponding properties calculated by a Taylor-type crystal plasticity modelMorand, Lukas; Iraki, Tarek; Dornheim, Johannes; Pagenkopf, Jan; Helm, Dirk
Oct-2023Automatic Deduction of the Impact of Context Variability on System Safety Goals - Supplementary Material for EDCC 2024 PaperKreutz, Andreas
31-May-2022Auxiliary data tables relating process parameters and parameters of the Herschel-Bulkley rheology model to a deformation profileDietemann, Bastien; Bierwisch, Claas
2023B3AMpy: Beamforming Toolbox for three-component ambient seismic noiseFinger, Claudia; Löer, Katrin
Jun-2023Basic Adsorption Heat Exchanger Theory Calculation ScriptsVelte-Schäfer, Andreas
15-Apr-2020Befragung zum individuellen Flugverhalten innerhalb Deutschlands und EuropasBerneiser, Jessica; Senkpiel, Charlotte
15-Dec-2021BioMates - Coding of identifiers for WP1-samples and -blendsHeil, Volker
18-Feb-2022BioMates - Mapping of samples – Deliverables in WP1: Novel pyrolysis oil from non-food/feed biomassHeil, Volker
25-Oct-2021BioMates - WP1: Novel pyrolysis oil from non-food/feed biomass - Data sheet: Identifiers for samples and blendsHeil, Volker; Schulzke, Tim
28-Nov-2019Chiller System Simulation and OptimizationThiele, Gregor; Clauss, Rico; Krüger, Jörg; Heimann, Oliver
2021Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of C12A7:e- ceramicWätzig, Katja; Schilm, Jochen
Jan-2021Compact Model for a Silicon Single Electron Transistor in a Stacked Nanopillar - Implementations in HSPICE and EXCEL/VBAKlüpfel, Fabian J.; Pichler, Peter
Apr-2020Comparison of inline crack detection systems for multicrystalline silicon solar cellsGreulich, Johannes; Demant, Matthias; Kunze, Philipp; Dost, Georg; Ramspeck, Klaus; Vetter, Andreas; Probst, Christian
2022Complex refractive indices of Spiro-TTB and C60Sittinger, Volker; Schulze, Patricia S.C.; Messmer, Christoph A.; Pflug, Andreas; Goldschmidt, Jan Christoph
31-May-2021Condition Monitoring of Drive Trains by Data Fusion of Acoustic Emission and Vibration SensorsMey, Oliver; Schneider, André; Enge-Rosenblatt, Olaf; Mayer, Dirk; Schmidt, Christian; Klein, Samuel; Herrmann, Hans-Georg