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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Artificially generated crystallographic textures of steel sheets and their corresponding properties calculated by a Taylor-type crystal plasticity modelMorand, Lukas; Iraki, Tarek; Dornheim, Johannes; Pagenkopf, Jan; Helm, Dirk
29-Nov-2021Demonstration der Eignung des Herschel Bulkley Models als Rheologiemodell zum Beschreiben des Robocasting ProzessesDietemann, Bastien; Wahl, Larissa; Bierwisch, Claas; Travitzky, Nahum
2021Experimental and Computational Micromechanical Fatigue Damage Initiation DataDurmaz, Ali Riza; Natkowksi, Erik
Jan-2021Folgar Tucker constants fitted against simulations of various suspensions under shear and/or elongationDietemann, Bastien
2020Numerical simulations and infrared camera measurements of temperature distributions in laser powder bed fusion of polymersBierwisch, Claas; Mohseni-Mofidi, Seyyid Shoya; Dietemann, Bastien; Grünewald, Moritz; Rudloff, Johannes; Lang, Marieluise
16-Jun-2021Raw Data: Gas phase lubrication study with an organic friction modifierEickworth, Jennifer; Wagner, Jonas; Daum, Philipp
2021Sets of exemplary microstructure-property data generated via active learning and numerical simulationsMorand, Lukas; Iraki, Tarek; Dornheim, Johannes; Link, Norbert; Helm, Dirk
2021Simulation data set for deep drawing cups of DC04 steel sheetsMorand, Lukas; Baiker, Maria; Pagenkopf, Jan; Butz, Alexander; Helm, Dirk
2021Simulation of texture evolution for a multi-step metal forming processMorand, Lukas; Dornheim, Johannes; Pagenkopf, Jan; Helm, Dirk