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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2023Scanning acoustic microscope images for the localization of defects inside dummy pouch cellsPitta Bauermann, Luciana
Oct-2019SemanGit: A Linked Dataset from gitKubitza, Dennis Oliver; Böckmann, Matthias; Graux, Damien
Jan-2024SensorenWeber, Mike; Opiela, Nicole; Krenn, Karoline; Gumz, Jan Dennis; Hölscher, Ines
2021Sets of exemplary microstructure-property data generated via active learning and numerical simulationsMorand, Lukas; Iraki, Tarek; Dornheim, Johannes; Link, Norbert; Helm, Dirk
2021Simulation data set for deep drawing cups of DC04 steel sheetsMorand, Lukas; Baiker, Maria; Pagenkopf, Jan; Butz, Alexander; Helm, Dirk
2021Simulation of texture evolution for a multi-step metal forming processMorand, Lukas; Dornheim, Johannes; Pagenkopf, Jan; Helm, Dirk
Nov-2023Smart HomeWeber, Mike; Krenn, Karoline; Opiela, Nicole; Welzel, Christian
2023Smarter Evolution: Enhancing Evolutionary Black Box Fuzzing with Adaptive ModelsBorcherding, Anne; Morawetz, Martin; Pfrang, Steffen
24-Jul-2020Software solution for life data analysisKrämer, Jonathan
26-Jul-2023Spatial analysis of renewable and excess heat potentials for climate-neutral district heating in EuropeManz, Pia; Billerbeck, Anna; Fallahnejad, Mostafa
Nov-2022Spectrogram Data Set for Deep Learning Based RF-Frame DetectionWicht, Jakob
2022Supplementary Materials for Capacitive Dosing using an Alternating Drive Mechanism and Micro PumpsThalhofer, Thomas
2023Synthetic ambient seismic noise dataset for testing ambient-noise methodsFinger, Claudia; Saenger, Erik
6-Jun-2023TAKAI Team‐Arbeit‐Kontext‐Analyse InventarElsenbast, Christian
Sep-2017TeaM Cables - European Tools and Methodologies for an efficient ageing management of nuclear power plant CablesStumm, Christopher; Keller, Andreas
2022Technology commitment of high responsibility teamsElsenbast, Christian
15-Apr-2020TEDDY: A High-Resolution High Dynamic Range Light-Field DatasetGul, Muhammad Shahzeb Khan; Wolf, Thorsten; Bätz, Michel; Ziegler, Matthias; Keinert, Joachim
25-Jun-2021Threshold of Toxicological Concern—An Update for Non-Genotoxic CarcinogensBatke, Monika; Moradi Afrapoli, Fatemeh; Kellner, Rupert; Rathman, James; Yang, Chihae; Cronin, Mark; Escher, Sylvia
2023Time Series of wear test for roller-type pitch bearings of wind turbinesStammler, Matthias
2024Towards a miniaturized photoacoustic sensor for application in transcutaneous CO2 monitoringEl-Safoury, Mahmoud; Weber, Christian