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MillingVibes_Dataset.zipThis dataset contains 3-axial vibration data of an aluminium milling process recorded at a large industrial tooling machine (MAHO MH 800C). The data has been recorded by an enDAQ S5-E25D40 vibration sensor module. Each datapoint consists of 8000 samples (duration: 1 second) for 3-axial vibration data along x, y & z axis of the tooling machine. Each datapoint represents a segment of a 1-axial milling movement (+/-x, +/-y). The data is to be used for the investigation of process quality monitoring, therefore each signal segment has been assigned a label "1" (good) or "0" (bad). The label was given to all movements of a (partial) pattern by a domain expert, depending on the surface quality of the workpiece after milling.58,04 MBZIPDownload/Open


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