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2021-07-23 Textual Data Fraunhofer IESE
Digital Ecosystem Service Classification

Koch, Matthias; Krohmer, Daniel et al.

Application of digital ecosystem criteria on digital ecosystem service candidates, to classify these candidates as digital ecosystem services or non digital ecosystem services.

2021-07-01 Tabular Data Fraunhofer ISI
CovidRestrict: mobility restrictions in German Federal States in 2020

Karaulova, Maria; Kroll, Henning

The CovidRestrict project collected data on mobility-related restrictions that were adopted by the governments of six German Federal States in the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic (01 January - 31 July 2020). The data also discerns between stri...

2021-06-16 Tabular Data Fraunhofer IWM
Raw Data: Gas phase lubrication study with an organic friction modifier

Eickworth, Jennifer; Wagner, Jonas et al.

XPS / tribometer / mass spectrometer raw data supporting the publication "Gas phase lubrication study with an organic friction modifier"

2021-06 Textual Data Fraunhofer IIS
CROWDSS: A crowdsourced, ecologically-valid dialogue dataset for German

Frommherz, Yannick; Zarcone, Alessandra

The CROWDSS dataset (Crowdsourced Wizard of Oz Dialogue dataset based on Situated Scenarios) contains 113 German dialogues collected in a Wizard-of-Oz fashion (i.e., simulating human-machine interaction). To refer to CROWDSS in any publication...