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2021-10 Other Fraunhofer IOSB
Dynamic Vision Sensor Data for Visual Inspection Tasks

Maier, Georg; Beck, Moritz et al.

Datasets used in the research article "An Extended Modular Processing Pipeline for Event-Based Vision in Automatic Visual Inspection". The datasets provided contain the pre-processed data for the wooden balls and beans dataset referred to in the a...

2021-09 Textual Data Fraunhofer IIS
inCLINC: incremental intent annotations of the CLINC dataset

Hrycyk, Lianna; Zarcone, Alessandra et al.

The inCLINC dataset (incremental intent annotations of the CLINC dataset) contains 121 distinct utterances (queries directed to a voice assistant) in their complete form and in partial form for a total of 538 utterances, which were labeled with in...

2021 Tabular Data Fraunhofer IWM
Simulation data set for deep drawing cups of DC04 steel sheets

Morand, Lukas; Baiker, Maria et al.

This data set contains the results of 9999 finite element simulations of cup drawing processes that are conducted using the commercial software Abaqus/Explicit. For each process simulation, the input parameters (material dependent parameters and p...

2021-07-30 Textual Data Fraunhofer EMFT
Experimental characterisation of piezoelectric silicon micropump for drug delivery applications

Bußmann, Agnes; Leistner, Henry et al.

Subcutaneous injection of medication is crucial for the treatment of many diseases. Especially if regular or continuous injections are beneficial, automated dosing units are advantageous. How-ever, existing devices are still large and therefore un...

2021-08-04 Textual Data Fraunhofer EMFT
Experimental Characterization, FEA Simulation, and Analytical Modelling of Piezoelectric Microvalv...

Durasiewicz, Claudia Patricia; Güntner, Sophia et al.

This dataset contains experimental data as a characterisation of piezoelectric microvalves. Measurement data includes the actuator stroke measured using white light profilometry, as well as fluidic measurements of generated flow, passive flow, and...

2021 Tabular Data Fraunhofer EAS
Energy Consumption Curves of 499 Customers from Spain

Mey, Oliver; Schneider, André et al.

Predictions of energy consumption are crucial for energy retailers to minimize deviations from energy acquired in the day-ahead market and the actual consumption of their customers. The increasing spread of smartmeters means that retailers have ac...