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2023-07-26 Tabular Data Fraunhofer ISI
Spatial analysis of renewable and excess heat potentials for climate-neutral district heating i...

Manz, Pia; Billerbeck, Anna et al.

Supplementary datasets to the journal paper in excel format for results and GIS-datasets in vector format for datasets

2023-08-01 Image Fraunhofer ISE
Scanning acoustic microscope images for the localization of defects inside dummy pouch cells

Pitta Bauermann, Luciana

The identification and location of critical defects inside battery cells before the performance decreases or safety issues arise remains a challenge. Here we show images acquired from Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) as a non-destructive testing...

2023 Textual Data Fraunhofer IOSB
Smarter Evolution: Enhancing Evolutionary Black Box Fuzzing with Adaptive Models

Borcherding, Anne; Morawetz, Martin et al.

Data collected during the evaluation of the paper "Smarter Evolution: Enhancing Evolutionary Black Box Fuzzing with Adaptive Models". In our publication, we presented an approach to bridge the gap between existing gray box fuzzing strategies and t...

2023 Image Fraunhofer IPK
InVar-100: Industrial Objects in Varied Contexts Dataset

Lehr, Jan; Chavan, Vivek et al.

The Industrial Objects in Varied Contexts (InVar) dataset was internally produced by our team and contains 100 objects in 20800 total images (208 images per class). The objects consist of common automotive, machine and robotics lab parts. Each cla...

2023-06 Other Fraunhofer IFF
Medieval coins of three different types and of various states of preservation

Tauschensky, Anika; Mara, Hubert et al.

The dataset contains albedo and normal image and a 3D triangle mesh with additional features (multi scale integral invariants) for the obverse of medieval coins. There are three different types of coins. Within each typ there are many samples of v...

2023 Textual Data Fraunhofer IWES
Time Series of wear test for roller-type pitch bearings of wind turbines

Stammler, Matthias

This data set contains time series and additional information for a test program for pitch bearings of wind turbines. The program covers two distinct operational scenarios: the standstill of the bearing under rated speed and the active pitch cycle...

2023 Textual Data Fraunhofer ITWM
K35/K85 structure, and Diclofenac and PFBS force field parameters

Hafner, René; Wolfgramm, Nils

Environmental pollution by man-made toxic and persistent organic compounds, found throughout the world in surface and groundwater, has various negative effects on aquatic life systems and even humans. Therefore, it is important to develop and impr...