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2023-04 Tabular Data Fraunhofer ISI
The effect of low-carbon processes on industrial excess heat potentials for district heating in th...

Manz, Pia; Fleiter, Tobias et al.

The two datasets are supplement to the publication Manz, Pia; Fleiter, Tobias; Eichhammer, Wolfang: "The effect of low-carbon processes on industrial excess heat potentials for district heating in the EU: a GIS-based analysis" (to be published). E...

2023 Other Fraunhofer IOSB

Karch, Markus; Rösch, Dennis et al.

PCAPs of the paper "CrossTest: A cross-domain physical testbed environment for cybersecurity performance evaluations".

2022 Textual Data Fraunhofer ISE, Fraunhofer IST
Complex refractive indices of Spiro-TTB and C60

Sittinger, Volker; Schulze, Patricia S.C. et al.

Combining spectrophotometry, variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry, and X-ray reflectometry with an algorithm that simultaneously fits all available spectra we determine the complex refractive index of evaporated Spiro-TTB and C60 layers

2023-01-04 Other Fraunhofer IWM
Microstructural damage dataset (pytorch geometric dataset)

Durmaz, Ali Riza; Thomas, Akhil

This data set contains information about microstructure-sensitive damage in ferritic steel (EN 1.4003) specimens. We provide both graph and tabular data sets. In the graph data set, each node is a grain in the material, and each edge connects ad...

2027-08-01 Tabular Data Fraunhofer IPT
Prototype of 5G Integrated with TSN

Kehl, Pierre; Ansari, Junaid

This dataset presents a validation of an implementation of a 5G system with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). A prototype setup integrating 5G in a TSN network has been completed to evaluate the 5G-TSN performance for industrial applications. The s...

2022-10-31 Textual Data Fraunhofer IIS
GiCCS: A German in-Context Conversational Similarity Benchmark

Asaadi, Shima; Kolagar, Zahra et al.

The Semantic textual similarity (STS) task is commonly used to evaluate the semantic representations that language models (LMs) learn from texts, under the assumption that good-quality representations will yield accurate similarity estimates. When...